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It was time to try a new class. I managed to get to two different classes (one in Burnet and one in Bertram) with two different amazing instructors. In both classes I happened to be the only attendee that day. I loved it! I was looking for a cardio experience and boy did I get it!

During my first class I was 30 min in and was sweating bullets! I don’t have a dance background but I have a little bit of rhythm. There were a few moves that took me a second to catch on to but in both classes the instructors were great, giving me cues and encouragement to just keep moving even if I missed a step.

If you’re looking for a fun, music based workout then you should try Zumba! I will definitely be trying to add this to my list of weekly options and I’m sure the more I go the more easily the moves will come. Hope to see you join me!

~Heather Frank, EMPOWERED Women’s Fitness Center member

Heather Frank

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