Switch it up; don’t give it up!

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Switch it up; don’t give it up!

It was the end of week 25 and I was frustrated. I had consistently been active 3-5 days per week in one class or another for 25 weeks. I knew I was stronger because I could do harder moves, use heavier weights and hold my core positions longer…..but…nothing else was showing improvement. I took pictures when I started and compared them to new pictures, I took measurements in the same spots and I got on the scale only to still see NO results. It was depressing, frustrating and aggravating. I was about to give up.

Progress photos

I reached out for some coaching from some instructors so see if they had ideas. We went over my workout routines and the sum decision was for me to add or swap for some more cardio. In addition I knew that I was eating “well” but I decided to be strict and track it. So many times I think we pick the right things but not in the right quantities and it can sneak in before you know it. I recalculated my caloric needs for my size, age and activity level (I actually added 100 calories a day).

I used an app to log my food and my work outs and ensured that I was showing a net negative 300-500 calories per day. I’m now ending week 28 having followed this new switch up for about 3 weeks and I can happily say I have results! I am down 6lbs, 5 inches and I can see it in my pictures! That is a huge win and sigh of relief to finally get it right. Now I know this may not last forever and I will likely plateau and have to make another switch but I know that I can do it!

So, if you’re like me and you’re frustrated and about to give up don’t! Switch it up try a new combination of work outs, be honest with yourself on food, increase your water. Switch it up; don’t give it up!

~HEATHER, EMPOWERED Women’s Fitness Center Member

Heather Frank