Sticking to my routine:

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Sticking to my routine:

Life happens. Work, unexpected meetings and even planned vacation all can disrupt your weekly routine. I knew that if I allowed my life schedule to break up the consistency I had created for 10 weeks that it would be much harder to get back on track. So I had vacation planned and I had family visiting from out of town but I made sure to keep my work out schedule as much as possible.

I still got in 3 work outs this week. I used 10lb weights in my body works class on Monday, another increase! And I even brought my niece and mom with me to my two Pilates classes. They both enjoined the classes and decided to find a Pilates option back in their area! It really showed that classes can be adapted to all ages.

A few weeks later I went on vacation to another location and even there I found friends and options to keep my routine. I shared some of my learnings from the Bertram center with my distant work out buddy and I learned some of theirs. It was great to change up my workout for a few days but to stick to something even when my schedule wasn’t the same.

~Heather, EMPOWERED Women’s Fitness Center Member