Steppin’ on up!

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Steppin’ on up!

I’m on a quest to try each of the class offerings that Empowered has for me and hopefully with each of the instructors if I can fit into my schedule. Some time back I tried a step class with Katrina. This was a high energy, cardio based workout that included some basic hand weight movements.

Not going to lie it took me a minute to get the hang of the moves but that is where a great instructor makes a world of difference. We took each move a “step” at a time working our way up to a faster pace. And of course if you wanted you could stay at the slow or moderate speed. It was certainly a good sweat and a fun experience. I could see how it could be modified for all capabilities and experience levels.

Right now I’m continuously adjusting to get my optimum results and ensuring a good balance of strength and cardio activity is important. Step definitely checks the cardio box! Kickboxing is next on my list!

Join me at a class and try for yourself!

~Heather Frank, EMPOWERED Women’s Fitness Center member


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