Progress and perception

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Progress and perception

It had been 30 days since I started my fitness journey in Bertram. I was doing 3-5 classes per week. Besides working out I was eating healthy at least 4-5 days a week and drinking more water. In my mind surely I would see some results. So I stepped on the scale, had my husband help me retake measurements and pictures.

Nothing! I hadn’t lost any inches, any pounds and my pictures didn’t show anything I could see. I was disappointed but I didn’t give up. I kept my schedule and my routine. Forward to week #6 I walked into the center and I was met with two people saying “you look amazing” “I haven’t seen you in a while… I can see the difference!”

I was a little shocked but so happy to hear the feedback. Surely two people on the same day telling me they saw a difference was not a coincidence. It was the boost I needed and a reminder to me that our views of ourselves even with all the pictures, numbers and measurements are often jaded. It was also a reminder to tell others how you see them, spread the compliments as it means so much to each person every time.



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