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Lydia Nixon

I jokingly say that I started the EMPOWERED Women’s Fitness Center because I had 4 hours left in my day.  I’m someone that thrives on challenge and is an Entrepreneur at heart.  With 3 fire and security companies and FanciFT Cattery (specializing in Munchkins and Genettas), I still wanted something in an industry that would allow me to be around Women.

I have been around Men for the past 30 years in my other 3 companies in construction.  Also, I figured that in order for me to work out and go to a fitness center, I was going to have to own one — that would be the only way I was going to get motivated to do something about my own fitness.  I can’t do it at home on my own.  Like most women, I need to get out and be around others to socialize and feel supported.

I am VERY HAPPY that I am able to help myself and others feel EMPOWERED at the EMPOWERED Women’s Fitness Center.

~Lydia Nixon, Owner