Pilates becomes my favorite!

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Pilates becomes my favorite!

So for the first two weeks I stuck to Body Works and HITT classes, let’s face it they were kicking my butt enough. But by week three I was ready to add to my routine. It felt good to know I was ready for more!

I choose Pilates. I had tried Yoga a few times in the past years at other locations and was pretty sure that wasn’t for me. But Pilates I hadn’t tried at a gym. I had purchased one of those at home videos years ago. You know the ones with the lady in leggings and a unitard. Definitely not the same… So my first class meant playing with all sorts of fun things like discs, exercise balls and bands.

I remember beginning thinking well this is easy, am I really working out, there is no way this is going to work like HITT….and then about half way through the 45 min class (mind you its shorter than many others) I realized Pilates is a hidden gem! I was feeling muscles I didn’t know I had. You know what I mean when I say those “back fat” rolls, we do scapula glides to get those pesky things. Or those muscles that cause “chub rub” …ok maybe I just call mine that. I’m talking about the inside of the thighs, we do abductors with the discs for those. And there was these things called Mermaids, they are still my favorites, they work that muffin top and all the way up the sides of your rib cage!

It really was bliss to find something that targeted those hard to reach spaces. Yes I just used the word “bliss” to describe a workout! The “burn” from the various moves kept me energized from one session to another knowing I was finally doing something to those hard to reach spots! It’s been weeks now and I think I’ve only missed two Pilates classes. I’ll tell you more about some of my accomplishments in another post! Thanks for reading about my journey … who wants to join me?!

See you at Pilates!

~Healther Frank, EMPOWERED Women’s Fitness Center Member

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