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I know what you are thinking when you read more weight!

Oh no, how did she gain weight?! She has been working out for 8 weeks now! But that isn’t the kind of weight I meant, I meant kettle bells and hand weights! I moved up in weight! I was getting stronger!

When I first began my journey I started with 3lb hand weights and a 5lb kettle bell. I also remember watching some of my fellow workout members grabbing bigger weights. I thought to myself I’ll never get to their level or have their stamina. But by week 8 I had moved my way up to 8lb hand weights and a 15lb kettle bell!

I completed an entire HITT class without needing any modifications or drops in weight! It was proof that I was getting stronger! And it was motivation to keep moving!

~Heather Frank, Empowered Women’s Fitness Center member