Crazy Pilates achievements:

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Crazy Pilates achievements:

It was Mid August I was still being consistent with my workouts 3-5 times per week. Pilates still being my favorite and something I was consistently doing 2x per week. Katrina knew she could rely on me to show up even if I was the only one! This meant continuing to challenge me with harder moves was always an option.

At times we would do balance moves on the big ball. It sounds easy to balance on a ball but if you haven’t tried it don’t underestimate it! I recalled one day we were doing normal balance one foot up, other foot up, both feet up…then she says can you go on all 4? What!? Never one to back down from a challenge I tried…and I did it! I did it so well she just watched me till I realized some time had gone by and she wasn’t stopping me lol.

Then the idea came on the next balance practice day to try a half lotus. Also not easy and I did it! Then another challenge lets “plank to pike” on the ball….what?! Challenge accepted and I did it! Each challenge is a small win, proof that I’m stronger, proof that I have a solid core, and proof that my hard work is paying off!

~Heather Frank, EMPOWERED Women’s Fitness Center member