Checking my progress:

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Checking my progress:

It was now August and I’d been sticking with my routine for 14 weeks. I decided to brave the progress activities again. I stepped on the scale only to find I had gained. I took pictures, lined them up in side by side with my pictures from 2 months prior only to have people think my “old” pictures were the new ones.

I measured inches and had no loss. I was defeated. It had been weeks of consistent effort in all areas! And then the very next day it occurred to me that I had picked the absolute worst time of the month for any woman to check her progress! So I re-learned that day to pay attention to my body. My advice to anyone is not to check your progress when your body is hormonal.

Two weeks later I checked again I was down 3 lbs! I also redid pictures in the exact same outfit. Also a learning that different clothes make it hard to tell any progress. This time people could see the change. I still struggled a bit but that is why I consulted a 3rd party. Learning from those compliments 6 weeks in. Others can see me differently than I do. It was a small win but enough to keep going once again.

~Heather Frank, EMPOWERED Women’s Fitness Center Member